Martin Sterling Giesing was born on Jan. 26, 1938 at home in Union, Missouri. Weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. with white hair. Baptized on Jan. 30, 1938 at Immaculate Conception Church. I went to Immaculate Conception grade school in Union, Missouri and Saint Francis Borgia high school in Washington, Missouri. Martin was in the Missouri National Guard at age 16 till age 18 ½ , then he tried to join the Navy but failed his physical and was medically discharged. I spent about two years as an unpaid auxiliary policeman in Union, Missouri. I raised my sons on his own. Martin was an Inventory and Quality Inspector most of working life. Upon death I will be cremated and buried at Midlawn Memorial Gardens, Union, Missouri.

National Guard:

The two weeks at a Army Base. We rode an Army Train from St. Clair, Missouri. One year it was to Wisconsin and next year it was to Minnesota.

I had to do different things. Had to guard ammunition building with no bullets in rifle. Served coffee at meals and then wash all pots and pans. Two of us that were under 21 and we had to stay on base while the older ones went into town. They did give us some ice cream.

We were also the two that had to take a wooden box with two shells up to the Mortar weapon to be fired. One time the shell was put in the weapon, it did not fire and come back out. They had to get the Ordinance Crew. They got the shell out of the gun and moved it out on the target field. That was all for that day.

On the Rifle Target Range, every time I fired my rifle the bullets would hit the ground in front of Target. The instructor used my rifle and had the same problem. Rifle must have been damaged during the Korean War. They gave me a Marksman Medal anyway. Came back to St. Clair Missouri on the same Army Train after two weeks.

In the Fall one year we camped out on a farm near St. Clair, Missouri all weekend in tents. Some of us got to ride to the site on a Duck Boat ( a boat that can go on water and also that can be driven on a street or land. )


I was told that when I was four in 1942 and my mother was pregnant with my brother Richard, we had to be removed from a flooded home in a row boat. It was near the Mississippi River near Foley and Winfield, Missouri. My dad was a guard at the Lock and Dam at Winfield, Missouri during part of World War Two.

When my uncle who was in the Marine Corps came home from fighting the Japanese, he gave me a large red fire truck for my birthday. This was the same day he got married. One summer he let me use his carbine from the Marine Corps to kill snakes on my great-grandfathers farm.

I went to Immaculate Conception grade school. I was the teachers pet for all eight years because I always helped them. At the end of the school year, the nuns always gave me some gift. When I was in grade eight, I did their errands for them during school time and in the summer I would help them also. Also, I was the Captain of the School Safety Patrol. After school at the sports events ( Basketball and Volleyball ), I was the score keeper and time clock keeper. Always paperwork !

After grade school, I was going to study to be a Catholic priest. My biggest mistake in my life was that I did not do it.

Then I went to St. Francis Borgia High School. No sports or anything after school because I had to ride the school bus and did not have a car. My last year at school, I was the artist for the school paper and year book.

When I became 16, (sophomore in school) I joined the Army National Guard (Heavy Mortar Company). Since I did not have a car, my sergeant would take me to the meetings. In the summer we spent two weeks at an army base. We had training in riot control in case of a riot at the state prison. After I was 18 ½ years old, I enlisted in the Navy but failed my physical. The Draft Board made me 4-F. I received an Honorable Discharge 6 years later from the Missouri National Guard.

My summers before I was 18, I spent walking or riding my bike around town and visiting the lady at the Draft Board and my great aunt, who was the secretary to the County School Superintendent. Also talked to the old men who spent their time sitting on the benches at the courthouse. Also spent time at the soda counters. Learned a lot from these people.

Had different jobs from 1956 to 2000. Run a bowling alley. Ground up meat for a pot pie factory. Inventory control at a factory that made metal sewer pipes.

St. Louis Police department telephone switchboard keeping track of beat policeman (before walkie-talkies or personal radios) they used phones (call boxes) on street corners to call in once an hour. The switchboard had connections to: all four Dispatchers, City Hospital, City Jail, McArthur Bridge Toll Booth, City Hall, Courthouse and others. I worked at Police Headquarters. The switchboard was for 4th District and 8th District (Central). The policemen who walked their beat were from 4 and 8 districts. Job eliminated. Switchboards were removed.

Counting money at a bank and working in the stockroom and printing department at the same bank. Inventory and Quality Control at a place that made wall paneling. Shipping-Receiving clerk at a shoe factory. Pattern maker at a shoe factory. Quality Control at a factory that made ring binders and office supplies.

Had to retire early in 2001 because the place where I worked moved to Mexico. Had to sell house and used the profit to buy a used mobile home.

Over the years, four places that I worked at closed their doors. Over the years because of the closings, I had lost two homes, one mobile home and three cars.

I was fired for the following reasons: #1- Fired because I had TB. (I did not have TB). #2- Fired for asking for a raise in pay that I was promised. #3- Fired for not talking to my ex wife. Both of us fired!

Jobs missed: Artist with Hallmark Card Company, did not have enough money to move to Kansas City, Missouri. Assistant to President of St. Joseph Lead Company, did not know shorthand. Franklin County deputy sheriff, no opening.


#1 Ended when the two boys mother decided that she did not want to take care of them anymore after over five years. Got a divorce and full custody of my two sons.

#2 Ended when I lost so much weight from the stress she caused that my doctor told me to leave or I would die in another month.

Musical Instruments:
Clarinet and Hawaiian Guitar.


Since 1985, I have been researching families that are related to me and my family. I started out with a little note book that my dad had written that had his siblings and uncles and aunts.

Then I went to a lot of cemeteries checking for relatives. Also wrote to every one in Germany that had my dad and mom's last name. After I got internet service in the 90's, I put what I had on a website. Some saw the website and sent me information from Germany, France, Netherlands and United States.

One day going to a cemetery, my son and I almost died when we were going down a hill (at bottom is Missouri River) and the brakes on the car did not work. I made a quick right turn and the car hit a ditch right at the cemetery that we were looking to check. After checking the cemetery and getting pulled out of the ditch, I drove the car 85 miles back home without brakes because it was Sunday and no repair shops were open. Found out later that the brake line broke and leaked fluid.

Now you can check on the internet for the same information that I risked my life to get. Makes it a lot easier.

Current Medical Issues:

Congestive Heart Failure

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Allergies-Pollen, Dust, Mold, Eggs, Strawberries

Knee and Leg Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Ringing in Ears

Angina (Had three severe attacks)

Past Medical Issues:

Chicken Pox




Broken Right Wrist-twice

I was bullied and laughed at on the school bus for all four years of high school. Being in the Army National Guard at 16, I was taught to have control of my emotions and to ignore them. They needed to mature!